Multi-functional devices highlighted during recent CES 2006

Multi-functional devices highlighted during recent CES 2006


At the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, one thing was clear – multi-functional gadgets are fast becoming the name of the game. Digital cameras with MP3 player functionality are passé. What the industry is about to witness is an emergence of ‘super gadgets.’

The CES showcased two such examples of multi-functional gadgets, one was a TV set with wireless Internet access, the other was a 15-inch LCD TV that features the ability to make wireless phone calls.

Speaking of wireless, it was also prevalent that wireless devices are going to be the future trend in the home electronics sector. For instance, Intel demonstrated how PCs could become a major part of one’s home entertainment system via its Viiv, a wireless system that can easily transfer computer entertainment to your TV.

Sony was also an active participant, showcasing its Location Free Television system, which enables users to access their favorite music files and video, and local broadcasts worldwide over a mobile Internet connection.

Of course, this was not the only thing Sony presented at the CES. It went up against Toshiba in the high-definition DVD format sector. As everybody knows by now, Sony is pushing its Blu-ray technology to be the standard for DVDs. Toshiba, on the other hand, is pushing its own HD-DVD format.