LG’s plans for 2006

LG’s plans for 2006


As the number two mobile phone manufacturer in Korea, LG Electronics has its eyes set on the top spot currently held by Samsung. Today, the company unveiled its mobile strategy for 2006, including a goal of shipping 70 million units worldwide. WCDMA handsets will become a major focus this year, as well as more mega-pixel phones and EV-DO technology. Moreover, with the expansion of GSM into open markets in Asia, where LG is starting to gain in brand recognition, the company hopes to gain some international ground on its competitors.

Indeed, the Korean phone maker has established manufacturing plants in a number of worldwide locations, including India (Pune), Brazil (Taubate), Mexico (Mexicalli), two in China (Yantai and Qingdao), and in its home of Korea (Pyeongtaek). Poised to move up from its number four spot internationally, LG plans “aggressive brand marketing”.

In keeping with the cutting edge of things, expect LG to expand its Research and Development department with a 25% increase in R&D staff (from 4000 to 5000). Innovations in the way of more EDGE-enabled and 3G phones should be on the way, as well as the development of key 4G technology and IEEE.