Imation Flash Wristband – a flash drive you can wear

Imation Flash Wristband – a flash drive you can wear


Everyone, it seems, has a rubber bracelet on their wrist these days. With the help of Imation, you can now wear a rubber bracelet with a real use. The new Flash Wristband by Imation is a flash drive you can wear on your wrist. The rubber casing protects it and the friction fit lock keeps it firmly in place. It is portable in a simple way that most drives aren’t and durable enough to put up with daily wear.

The Flash Wristband has a capacity of 256MB. You just unplug it from your wrist, plug it into any computer and you are set to drag and drop your files onto the desktop. You don’t need any cables or software.

You can even choose between black and blue, so your Wristband can match your outfit. You might as well look good as you are storing files. The Flash Wristband will be available later this month exclusively at Target stores, and it will cost you $34.99 USD.