D2Audio Intelligent Digital Amplifiers Give Geneva’s iPod Docking Stations Premium Sound Quality

D2Audio Intelligent Digital Amplifiers Give Geneva’s iPod Docking Stations Premium Sound Quality


For the uninitiated, Geneva Sound Systems manufactures speaker systems with multiple speakers housed in a single unit, according to the company, they deliver an incredibly rich audio experience. This is where things get interesting, the latest Geneva Sound Systems from D2Audio support Apple’s iPod, CD’s and radio. D2Audio’s patented DAE-1 (Digital Audio Engine) was selected due to its ability to deliver high continuous power at very low distortion. It also features multi-channel capabilities and a large amount of audio processing power used to implement the Embracing Sound “professional sound” technology. Users can now buy a D2Audio digital amplifier and experience music in its full richness from a single, “powerful and wonderfully elegant system.”

With its power and styling the Geneva Sound System iPod has the ability to transform a homes décor and lets users enjoy the power of digital audio just like Oscar and Grammy winning professionals. For people who want to plug in their iPod, it’s very simple, just dock your iPod into the slot, take the remote control and lay back to enjoy its richness and power, speaking of power it delivers up to 600 Watts of pure music, enough to hold a house party. The sound clarity delivered by it is as pure as one will find in Hollywood recording studios.

The salient features of the Geneva Sound System include:

— plays iPod content brilliantly
— Built-in slot-loading CD
— FM radio with digital tuner presets
— Support for multiple audio sources like MP3 players, vinyl, TV, etc.
— Available in three colors: White, Black and Geneva Red
— Available in 2 sizes: L and XL

Speaking on the occasion founder of Geneva Lab, Jan-Erik Lundberg said, “The iPod generation wants music at home to be as simple, powerful, and elegant as the iPod, Geneva needed a powerful audio processor partner to support the integration of the EmbracingSound professional sound technologies. D2Audio came through for us with a highly configurable multi-channel digital amplifier solution delivering AVR-class performance in our line of iPod docking units.”