“Tune and Rip” by using TraxCatcher from Time Trax Technologies

“Tune and Rip” by using TraxCatcher from Time Trax Technologies


On Friday at CES 2006, Time Trax technologies announced a new addition to its product line, the Time Trax TraxCatcher. Time Trax technologies makes hardware and software products designed for users to easily deaggregate radio broadcasts to timeshift and build free music libraries. Time Trax’s new product the TraxCatcher is an FM radio dock with an MP3 player allowing anyone to ‘tune and rip.’

Operating the TraxCatcher is a cake walk, just tune to any of your favorite FM station, go out and take a stroll, and on your return several hours later you will find high quality MP3 files on it. Either you can grab the MP3 player to listen to the songs or use the USB 2.0 port to transfer the media files from TraxCatcher to a computer.

The first model of this product is an entry level model, the TraxCatcher Classic and is designed as a very simple and easy product. People who are interested in owning can book their TraxCatcher at Time Trax website, delivery is slated for March 2006 and carries a MSRP of $159.99.

Once fully launched the entire TraxCatcher line of product will range from $99.99 to $499.99 and will also include additional features such as HD radio, digital inputs and outputs, USB connectivity, versatile MP3 docking capabilities, clock-radio functionality and satellite radio receiver integration.

Speaking on the occasion Time Trax CEO Elliott D. Frutkin said, “Time Trax is interested in a productive dialogue with the recording industry to build successful and lucrative business models around reality. We want input as we shape our future. We aren’t interested in being a rogue trailblazer. Time Trax wants to be a welcome partner to the recording industry.”

For ensuring the “fair-use” of content Time Trax integrates technology that records radio serial numbers into MP3 recordings to discourage file sharing and trading, as it provides the ability to trace the originator of the file. In 2006, Time Trax will also add some value-added services and features to its products which will require an annual subscription.