Yahoo Launches Content Service for Mobile Users

Yahoo Launches Content Service for Mobile Users


Internet search engine giant Yahoo Inc. will launch today a new customized content service for the burgeoning mobile market. Yahoo Go Mobile will work on any cellular network and will allow Yahoo account holders to have their customized data; such as mail, news, calendar, stock tips, and the like sent directly to their mobile phones or other devices.

The interface is smaller and sleeker than the one that currently greets Yahoo users on the Web, listing only category names, which become scrollable lists when accessed. Not on the list of services to be offered are highly demanded music and video, although Yahoo officials wouldn’t rule out such additions to the Go Mobile network later in 2006.

The network will be installed on select Nokia mobile devices very soon, Motorola is the next target for Yahoo in this regard. It is now available for free download on Yahoo’s website.

The company also forecasts the launch of Go TV, which will allow Yahoo users to access their personalized Web data to an Internet-connected television. This version of Go will include music and video.