Scotland to Try Out Internet Lampposts

Scotland to Try Out Internet Lampposts


Dundee, Scotland, will be the site later this month of a test of Internet lampposts, the latest in a series of measures designed to widen the appeal and availability of wireless networks around the world. This one, however, adds solar energy to the mix, providing a reusable resource to power the source of Wi-Fi access that so many people crave these days.

Six of the solar-powered, Internet-capable lights will be installed on a rooftop at the University of Abertay. The plan calls for the installation of more than 4,000 more later this year in a student village planned for the university.

The lamppost will rely on solar energy to power its core and will double as, you guessed it, a light source. LED technology is used to provide bright and energy efficient light while also sending out Wi-Fi Internet access.

Compliance Technology, which will install and maintain the lampposts, claims to have interest from three other cities in Scotland.

“The new photovoltaic technology which will be showcased in Dundee will mean that no local community needs to be without reliable, economic street lighting, with the added benefit of wi-fi technology outside their front doors,” said Calum McRae of Compliance Technology.