Packet Video Powers V CAST Music Systems

Packet Video Powers V CAST Music Systems


The software that drives Verizon Wireless’s V CAST Music service has been created by PacketVideo, an established manufacturer of embedded multimedia communications software.

The San Diego company made the announcement at CES on Thursday.

Through the melding of Microsoft Windows Media Audio and Media DRM technologies, PacketVideo created the V CAST Music functionality, which allows users to download music and digital audio from the Internet to their mobile phones, using a computer as a gateway. (If this sounds like the same principle as a portable music player, it is.) Users can also download the music twice, once for their computer and once for their mobile phone.

V CAST Music is an extension of Verizon’s already successful V CAST service, a one-year-old offering that features wireless broadband multimedia access, including video and 3D games.

“Building on our success last year with V CAST multimedia service, we’ve again worked with Verizon Wireless, Microsoft, and top handset OEMs to create a high-quality experience for busy music lovers everywhere,” said Dr. James Brailean, CEO of PacketVideo.

Jim Straight, vice president of wireless Internet and multimedia services for Verizon Wireless, was equally pleased with the finished product.

“V CAST Music is a major advance in music and in wireless, and PacketVideo’s media software brings high-quality Windows Media music directly to our customers’ handsets,” Straight said.

The technology will be available beginning January 16 on three mobile models: the LG VX8100, the Samsung a950, and the Verizon Wireless CDM-8945.