Motorola and Nikko release new Wireless Wheels toy

Motorola and Nikko release new Wireless Wheels toy


I write about a lot of things that I call toys, but this one is actually a toy. And a pretty cool one at that. Motorola and Nikko, the world’s largest manufacturer of remote controlled toys, have teamed up to create the Wireless Wheels remote control toy car. It is a 1/16 scale replica controlled using a Motorola iDEN handset. It is based on the Freescale Semiconductor wireless Personal Area Network technology.

This is not the remote controlled car you had as a kid. This is a multi-sensory experience. You can view a simulation of the movement of your car on the screen of your iDEN handset. You can hear the engine start and the tires squeal. Your phone will even vibrate in your hand as you drive, as if you were gripping the steering wheel. If you need a little extra juice, the Push-To-Talk button acts as a ‘turbo boost’ to let you leave everyone in your dust.

The latest Wireless Wheels vehicle is on display this weekend at CES.