LGE unveils all things Flash

LGE unveils all things Flash


CES 2006 provided a forum in which LG Electronics unveiled its full line of Flash RAM products, including memory cards and “fashionable” USB thumb drives. The 12-gram Platinum USB drive ranges in capacity from 64MB to 1GB, has one of the fastest read/write speeds on the market (8MB/s and 7MB/s, respectively), and even comes in a trendy-looking jewelry case.

One of the main complaints many people have about Flash drives is that it is all too easy to lose the cap that protects the USB connection. Fret not, because LG now carries a USB drive that does away with a cap altogether, and replaces it with a retractable port instead. Look for versions with capacities from 64MB to 2GB.

The Wine Series of Flash drives will appeal to those with aesthetics in high priority. Coming in red and white (wine, get it?), these “stylist, elegant, yet practical” portable storage units will be available in 64MB to 2GB capacities.

Memory cards are not neglected either. Compact Flash products range up to 4GB in size. Micro-SD cards store from 64MB to 512MB, and they keep all your data secure with LG’s propriety injection molding process. Mini-SD cards come with an adapter for standard SD size, and range in capacity from 64MB to 2GB. With all this talk of micro and mini, don’t think that the regular SD cards are left out of the picture. From 512MB to 2GB, LG’s SD cards are perfect for all you digital photographers out there.