Jackrabbit – new ultrawideband chip for streaming HD

Jackrabbit – new ultrawideband chip for streaming HD


A Jackrabbit isn’t just an animal anymore. TZero Technologies of Silicon Valley will unveil their version of a Jackrabbit this week at CES. It is a new ultrawideband (UWB) chip technology which allows for new levels of reliability, range and performance for wirelessly streaming high-definition video. It promises wired performance and reliability without the wires.

The technology can allow home video equipment to transmit and receive three or more streaming HD channels up to 20 meters at the same time. It can transmit through walls. It features a high level of interference immunity, due to patent-pending technology including dual antenna support, extended range and interference cancellation.

Jackrabbit is contained in an all-CMOS chip set. It operates in the 3.1-4.8 GHz spectrum and supports data rates of up to 480 Mbps.

Manufacturers will be able to get their hands on the Jackrabbit for reference and evaluation in the first quarter.