Asus puts the power of Lamborghini on your lap

Asus puts the power of Lamborghini on your lap


Asus and Lamborghini have teamed up to produce a laptop that befits the automaker’s image. The laptop comes in special mirror finish, in yellow or black. It is also constructed with the little details that Italian automakers are known for. Probably taking its clue from the Acer Ferrari laptop, we should expect to see similar combined efforts in the near future.

The laptop does not simply slap elegant sheetmetal on a ho-hum offering. Asus decided to use a brand new Centrino platform (code-named Napa) and the soon to the market Yonah CPU. The latter uses dual core technology. Asus said this is intended to be a series of notebooks, but no firm date of release is available at this time. As for the price, if you have to ask …

What you do on the laptop may be boring, but maybe a Lamborghini will get you through airport security a bit faster.