Amp’d goes nationwide

Amp’d goes nationwide


After a successful “soft launch” in December, Amp’d Mobile is ready to go nationwide with its 3G mobile service targeted at youth and the young at heart. To try to leverage new subscribers, the service provider is putting out new rate plans, exclusive and original downloadable content, and broadband connectivity.

Plans start at $29.99 a month, including 250 minutes, free mobile-to-mobile, free evenings and weekends, caller ID, basic voicemail, and three months of megabyte downloads. Push-to-talk is $14.99/month of $0.99/day. Got a lot to say? Then go for the $199.99 plan with unlimited voice, data and PTT, not to mention a free phone thrown in the mix.

At launch a $99 EV-DO phone, the Kyocera Jet, will be available for all your broadband needs. If you choose to up the ante and go for the Kyocera Angel, that’ll put you back $119. Look for an offering from Motorola in the coming months as well. The company promises that its handsets will have all the latest doo-hickeys, like a digital camera, removable memory, push-to-talk, video playback, and, of course, EVDO connectivity.

“We’ve always said that relevant content and competitive pricing are the most important things to our customers, and we believe we’ve hit it right on in both areas,” said Amp’d CEO and founder, Peter Adderton. Amp’d phones truly do “deliver the best broadband mobile media.”