Verizon confirms launch of Windows Mobile Palm Treo 700w

Verizon confirms launch of Windows Mobile Palm Treo 700w


The Treo 700w smartphone has been officially announced to take advantage of the Verizon Wireless’ BroadbandAccess service on its EV-DO network. In addition to employing Windows Mobile 5.0 devices, Palm has added its own software suite to improve usability.

Along with a 1.3 megapixel camera, the Treo 700w includes Bluetooth, and WiFi through Verizon’s EV-DO high speed data network. While including a full QWERTY keyboard, Palm stresses to describe the device as a full-featured phone. Probably one of its most attractive features is its ability to expand the phone experience. For instance, dial a number by clicking on a picture of the recipient. Extending this functionality, the Treo 700w uses the Today Screen that puts all contact information in one place; no more clicking through a series of menus. The Today Screen also allows simultaneous functions that allow you to send a message to a caller who you need to ignore while in a meeting, for example.

Sounds like the Treo 700w includes some fun as well. Using Windows Media Player Mobile you can capture and play back videos and MP3s. In addition, Windows Media Player 10 automatically converts to the mobile format before synchronizing. The possibilities seem endless.

Verizon Wireless is selling the Treo 700w for $399.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate, 2-year service contract and a voice plan of $39.99 or higher and an unlimited PDA/smartphone data plan. It will be available starting January 5, 2006.

Palm Treo 700w Features and Benefits:

— EV-DO access for fast downloads of data, email and large attachments;
— Robust Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system;
— Intel XScale technology-based processor;
— Ability to send and receive email from multiple corporate and personal email accounts, with built-in support for Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile, Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and other POP3 and IMAP accounts;
— On-device access to Microsoft Office Word Mobile, Office Excel Mobile and Office PowerPoint Mobile for viewing, editing and creating Word and Excel Mobile documents, as well as viewing PowerPoint Mobile presentations. In addition, with Picsel PDF viewer (included on installation CD), customers can view PDF documents;
— Unified messaging application, including email, SMS and MMS;
— Support for Wireless Sync to provide the convenience of push email and easy access to personal information-management tools, such as contacts and calendar, as well as enterprise tools, such as device management and file synchronization; and
— Enough memory to manage business and personal digital needs in one place with 128MB of memory and 60MB of dedicated user storage.
— New 1.3-megapixel camera to shoot crisp, clear digital images and videos;
— Integrated Bluetooth 1.2 wireless technology for communicating with compatible headsets, car kits, computers and printers equipped with Bluetooth technology;
— Removable battery and non-volatile memory;
— Voice Command for voice dialing;
— Expansion card slot (SD, SDIO, and MultiMediaCard compatible); and
— 240×240 transflective (TFT) screen.