Track Your Daily Calorie ‘Burn’

Track Your Daily Calorie ‘Burn’


The latest in the war on obesity is an electronic tracking device that promises to deliver an accurate calories-burned figure. The BioTrainer™ is a device designed to be worn on the hip. It tracks all daily physical activity and then crunches the statistics to create that final “burning” number.

Just set the clock, enter your body weight, clip the device to your hip, and go about your daily business. The BioTrainer does the rest.

“This is the final answer to monitoring our overall wellness,” according to Patrick Cioffi, whose company owns the distribution rights to the BioTrainer. “Before now, we only knew how many calories we consumed. Now, we know how many calories we burn.”

The device weighs only 1 1/4 ounces and is built on tri-axis accelerometer sensor technology similar to that which NASA uses to measure astronauts’ in-space movements. It boasts a large reversible LCD display and a nine-day memory capability.

The BioTrainer is part of a larger weight loss system, which will be introduced worldwide later this year.