Toshiba unveils gigashot digital cameras with HDD

Toshiba unveils gigashot digital cameras with HDD


Toshiba has unveiled the Gigashot digital camcorder at CES today. It is part of the Gigastyle family of products, which sport hard drives for storage and simplicity. It combines a video camera with a still camera and even lets you snap pictures while still taking video. It is all stored on the 1.8” drive for easy storage.

There are 2 models of gigashot camcorders that will be available. The GSC-R60 has a 60GB drive, which will allow you to record 13 hours of content at the high quality of 9.6 Mbps. You can stretch that to up to 55 hours with lower quality levels. The other model is the GSC-R30. With a HDD with half the capacity, all of the other capacities will be similarly reduced.

Both camcorders feature a 2.5” LCD screen and a 2 Megapixel color CCD Sensor. They also both have an SD memory slot if you need more memory. They feature electronic image stabilizer and a gravity sensor to protect against falls.

Both camcorders will be available starting in February. The GSC-R30 will cost $799. The GSC-R60 will cost $200 more, but it also comes with a docking cradle for USB, Ethernet, AC and A/V support.