Toshiba brings a bunch of goodies to CES

Toshiba brings a bunch of goodies to CES


Like every other major manufacturer, Toshiba is bringing a wide range of new products to show off at CES in Las Vegas this week. Here’s a quick overview of some of the mobile offerings.

The HD DVD AV Notebook PC call Qosmio is the first notebook to offer an HD DVD drive. They will also be demonstrating a concept model external HD DVD with USB connection.

“gigastyle” is a theme of their display, celebrating the miniaturization of HDD, bringing more memory in smaller packages to devices in our homes and our pockets.

They will be showing off a 7.2” 3D flatbed display. You don’t need special glasses to see the 3D images and the size lends itself to future mobile applications.

They will be showing a prototype of a direct methanol fuel cell that can power a notebook computer. It runs on a methanol-oxygen fuel mix and has an energy density that is several times that of a lithium ion battery, providing much longer continuous use. The battery uses methanol at a high concentration that is diluted with water that is a by-product of energy production. This allows for a much smaller battery than other companies have provided.

They will be demonstrating high-speed wireless streaming. Data will transfer between a video camera with a USB-compatible transmitter and a PC with a USB receiver on the Ultra Wideband spec at rates up to 480Mbps.

As you can imagine, there will be plenty more toys to drool over as well.