Socket Card Improves Wi-Fi Connectivity

Socket Card Improves Wi-Fi Connectivity


A new product from Socket Communications will make it even easier to to find and connect to Wi-Fi networks. The Go Wi-Fi! P500 is an 802.11g CF Wireless LAN card that can be introduced into Windows Mobile 5.0 based devices or Windows Mobile 2003 machines, enhancing roaming capabilities and introducing an easy-to-use interface boasting a more powerful than ever system of finding and latching on to Wi-Fi networks.

“Users benefit from improved mobile productivity at work, at home, or in rapidly emerging public hot spots,” according to Peter Phillips, Socket’s vice president of marketing.

The card comes with the company’s Wi-Fi Companion software, which enables users to connect to existing networks with a few simple clicks, in addition to performing network ping and trace route functions. Users can also monitor signal strength and find easy access to browsing on the World Wide Web. Another functionality is that of Skype VoIP, an increasingly used service for desktop, wireless, and cellular technologies.

The Go Wi-Fi! P500 Card works primarily with Windows technology, but it will also work on Linux and RTOS operating systems as long as those systems also have a Compact Flash card slot.

The card will sell for US$99 and will be available next month.