Scientists racing to improve fuel cell membrane technology

Scientists racing to improve fuel cell membrane technology


You only have to look at the sky on a smoggy day or pay for a full tank of gas to realize that fossil fuels are evil for all kinds of reasons. Unfortunately, we can’t seem to live without it. As supplies get tighter, prices get higher and the environment cries for mercy, scientists are racing to come up with workable solutions to replace our dependence on fossil fuels.

The most favored solution is clearly fuel cells. There is a need for robust, cost-effective and durable fuel cells for the automotive industry. In this light, scientists are working on upgrading the membranes for fuel cells. Enhanced membranes will increase hydrogen production which is used as fuel in the cells. Beyond that, the membranes will sequester carbon dioxide to limit greenhouse damage and ease global warming. This research is is essential if fuel cells performance is to become competitive, or an improvement upon, fossil fuels. Until that happens, widespread adoption will be very difficult.

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