Samsung to unveil 9 mobile TV handsets at CES

Samsung to unveil 9 mobile TV handsets at CES


Not content to enter the market with less than a full range of choices, Samsung will be unveiling nine new mobile TV handsets at CES. Many of them will have features that will be seen in a phone for the first time. They will cross four broadcasting platforms.

Specific details aren’t available yet for the most part, but some details have emerged. They will be showing seven handsets using either the Satellite or Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (S-DMB or T-DMB). The SPH-B4100 is the first phone in the world to feature both S-DMB and T-DMB. It even has picture-in-picture, so you can watch a satellite and a terrestrial channel at the same time. It will be available early this year.

The company will also demonstrate the first handset using the MediaFLO Mobile Broadcasting platform developed by Qualcomm. They will also have at least one handset with DVB-H capabilities.

Samsung will be showing off this line at the same time that they are negotiating with providers around the world in a bid to stake their claim at the head of the mobile TV race.