Qualcomm demonstrates FLO on LG handsets

Qualcomm demonstrates FLO on LG handsets


Qualcomm has always been quite a beast in the world of CDMA, and at CES 2006, they will be demonstrating FLO technology on LG mobile handsets. FLO reduces the number of transmitters needed to broadcast multimedia content, complementing a number of existing and cutting-edge CDMA standards, including 1X, 1xEV-DO and WCDMA.

Qualcomm will be flexing its FLO muscle with live, over-the-air demonstrations utilizing LG Electronics mobile phones. The real-time multicast innovation is the meat and potatoes of the MediaFLO system, designed for high capacity content, wide reaching coverage, reduced power consumption and minimized operating costs. Juno Cho, president of LGE MobileComm USA, said that the streaming content will have “minimal lag time” and “superior quality”. Indeed, switching between the 20 channels of QVGA video or 10 audio channels takes an average of 1.5 seconds without the need for buffering.

“Sharp video and high quality audio” are among the “rich mobile media delivery” methods possible through FLO, according to Rob Chandhok, Qualcomm MediaFLO Technologies’ VP of engineering and market development. “Our demonstrations at CES show that leading handset providers, like LG, recognize the quality and capacity that FLO Technology offers. Seeing FLO Technology in action will assure users that they are experiencing the most advanced multimedia service available.”