Pretec unveils 4GB biometric security flash drive

Pretec unveils 4GB biometric security flash drive


Pretec has unveiled a new drive that lets you combine security and capacity. The 4GB i-Disk Touch is the largest capacity fingerprint USB flash drive that the world has yet seen. It is being shown off for the first time this week at CES.

The biometric security system can be set up to allow access to up to ten users. As further protection, protection can expand between drive access. Individual files can be encoded for fingerprint access.

The i-Disk Touch uses a new fingerprint scanning technique and a monolithic single-chip solution to reduce costs, increase capacity and decrease the footprint of the scanning mechanism on the device. Traditionally, an area sensor is used, but this drive uses a stripe sensor.

In addition to the biometric security, the drive also offers security through optional password protection. It can also act as a key to lock out unauthorized users from a PC or block users from selected websites and software.

No word yet on what the drive will cost or when it will be available.