Nokia to unveil 3 Bluetooth headsets at CES

Nokia to unveil 3 Bluetooth headsets at CES


Nokia is launching three new Bluetooth headsets this week at CES. They modestly call them ‘great’. They are aggressively pursuing Bluetooth products as the market for Bluetooth enabled phones was 133 million units in 2005 and should be 220 million units this year.

The Bluetooth Headset BH-800 is the smallest Bluetooth headset Nokia has provided. Though it weighs just 9 grams, it is still capable of six hours of talk time and up to 160 hours of standby. It has an optional earloop for use in either ear and a strap for one handed use. It features voice recognition to allow you to redial and make calls. You can have it in coffee black or silver white. It will be available in the first quarter for $140.

Where the BH-800 is tiny, the BH-900 is powerful. It supports both noise reduction and echo cancellation, so you can use it in the loudest of environments comfortably. It weighs 18 grams and it provides 8 hours of talk time or 180 hours of standby. It supports push to talk over Bluetooth technology. You will have to wait until the second quarter and then shell out $100 to get yourself one.

The final offering is the BH-200. It is sleek and easy to use. It was designed with user-friendliness and simplicity in mind. Talk time is 5 and a half hours, with standby of 150 hours. You can have on in the first quarter for $55.