Microsoft and Philips partner to launch VOIP433 Dual Phone

Microsoft and Philips partner to launch VOIP433 Dual Phone


Royal Philips Electronics and Microsoft bring to market the VOIP433 Dual Phone, which is an ordinary landline and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone rolled into one. The new telephone will enable users to make and receive Internet calls to online relatives and friends via the soon-to-be-released Microsoft Windows Live Messenger service, which will succeed MSN Messenger (which in turn Microsoft boasts to have more than 200 million active accounts internationally).

The VOIP433 Dual Phone offers users three calling options. First is a free PC-to-PC calling function via Windows Live Messenger; second is a calling option via the MCI Web Calling service, which permits Windows Live Messenger subscribers to have low-cost PC-to-phone outbound calling options; and third, the VOIP433 features traditional local landline calling features.

The new phone has a nice color screen so you can see if any of your friends or relatives are online. It even features Messenger icons and is capable of delivering notifications on the VOIP433 handset.

The VOIP433 is part of Philips’ ‘Connected Planet’ vision, which aims to bring telecommunications to entertainment. As for Microsoft… “The VOIP433 handset with Windows Live Messenger delivers on our vision to extend integrated Windows Live communications beyond the PC. We’re very proud of this product and service and are thrilled to be working with such a strong partner”, according to Corporate VP of MSN Communication Services and Member Platform Group at Microsoft, Blake Irving.

The VOIP433 Dual Phone will be featured on the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).