Broadcom Produces Wi-Fi Video Phone Chipset

Broadcom Produces Wi-Fi Video Phone Chipset


Broadcom has upgraded phone technology again with its introduction of a Wi-Fi video phone chipset for wireless handsets and desktop video IP phones. The possibilities are wide-ranging and, according to the company, both “practical and fun.”

The upgrade lies in the hi-resolution possibility of video images and crystal-clear sound available on the handheld and desktop phones, as well as making the products more affordable.

“Video phones on the market today lack the price point and video quality needed for mass market adoption,” said Paul Shore, Broadcom’s director of marketing for VoIP phone products. “Our new chipset and software will radically improve both of these key market drivers.”

The chipsets also include software that drive the intense synchronization of audio and video necessary, as well as other nontraditional phone capabilities such as music playback, image capture and display, and video recording and playback. The result is a significant improvement on existing technologies, without sacrificing affordability.

The chipsets boast full-duplex video and speakerphone; WLAN, WMMM, and WPA protocols; and a Linux-based board support package.

In production now, the chipsets will be available soon but can be seen in person at CES.