Bluetooth video glasses by Orange France

Bluetooth video glasses by Orange France


X-Men fans may immediately be reminded of “Cyclops” Scott Summers, and Star Trek: The Next Generation enthusiasts may think of Geordi LaForge, but these new video goggles from Orange France will appeal to the geek and techie in all of us. Who needs a 70” plasma television when you can have a tiny screen less than an inch from your eyeball?

The built-in headphones let you in on the sound and music as well, so while you’re watching your favorite video, you can actually hear what’s going on as well. It looks like, as of right now at least, it will only connect directly to Samsung’s SGH-D600 phone for AV input, but there is word that with the implementation of a cable link, and videos can be played off the included 128MB SD card.

In regards to technical specs, look for QVGA resolution, NTSC/PAL compatibility, 5 hours of battery life, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, and binocular AMLCD. The 70-gram Video Glasses will initially only be available to France (starting in Q2), with possible future plans for the UK and (fingers crossed) North America. MSRP is €299 ($361).