TI Hollywood DTV – digital TV in a single chip

TI Hollywood DTV – digital TV in a single chip


If Texas Instruments has their way, broadcast digital TV will soon be as common on cell phones as cameras are today. In pursuit of this goal, the company has announced the initial delivery of their new Hollywood DTV single-chip solution. The chip meets the needs of manufacturers striving to make phones of low cost, long battery life and workable size.

The Hollywood chips are the first chips to combine the mobile TV tuner and the demodulator into a single piece of silicon using the standard 90 nanometer digital process. Up until now, most mobile TV applications have required three chips – one each for the RF, baseband and memory functions.

The chips have been delivered to manufacturers. The first handsets using the chips should be seen late this year. Two chips are available – the DTV1000 and DTV 1001. Both support DVB-H, the standard in most of the world, and ISDB-T, the standard in Japan. Both support open industry standards.