Slide out the keyboard on LG F9200

Slide out the keyboard on LG F9200


The LG F9200 has hit Cingular Wireless with a particular focus on personal messaging. The slide-out, backlit QWERTY keyboard makes typing easy for when you want to send that vital email using Cingular’s Mobile Email (compatible with Yahoo!, Hotmail, and AOL). The phone will be able to maintain up to ten different email accounts. Want to just kill some time chatting on IM? AOL IM, Yahoo! Messenger, and ICQ are no problem for the F9200, right out of the box. In fact, you can keep 10 conversations going at the same time—I don’t know about you, but that’s more than what I keep open even on my PC.

Snap a quick shot with the 4x zoom VGA camera, including a self-portrait mirror, and send away your low- or hi-res images via MMS. Other features include a full-duplex speakerphone, music tones, WAP 2.0, Java 2.0, voice-activated dialing, T9 predictive text, and an internal antenna.

The dual-band GSM LG F9200 is available right now from Cingular Wireless stores for $99.99 if you commit yourselves to them for two years and fill out a $50 mail-in rebate.