PulseLink plans to create waves at CES with its CWave application

PulseLink plans to create waves at CES with its CWave application


It’s not only LG Phillips which is all geared up to put its best foot forward at International Consumer Electronics show. PulseLink is also set to wow the audience with what it believes are cutting-edge products from its stable. Primary among them will be: a Gigabit-rate CWave Ultra Wideband (UWB) platform featuring wireless and wired High Definition audio/video connectivity. In addition to this, you can also expect new applications related with HD gaming and multimedia PC from PulseLink if you happen to visit their stall at the exhibition.

PulseLink is relying high on its CWave UWB digital home connectivity solution to draw the attention of the crowd at CES because of capability of this solution to simultaneously stream multiple HDTV programs, high quality multi-channel audio, and high speed data throughout the home. Its PLK23300 boasts of being the first UWB chipset to deliver Gigabit data rates both through wireless and wired mode and will become available in the market from first quarter this year. The company is confident that its CWave technology applications will generate waves at the exhibition because of their high utility advantages. Says John Santhoff, Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of PulseLink, “Imagine seamlessly connecting the large screen Flat Panel display in your living room to all the other multimedia devices in your home … PulseLink’s CWave(TM) technology is enabling a paradigm shift in the home entertainment industry by delivering a converged, hybrid wired and wireless network capable of Gigabit data rates and real-time, deterministic delivery of digital content throughout the home.”

Among other key applications which PulseLink will be displaying at CES, 2006 are: the industry’s first wireless DVI/HDMI equivalent; ultra-low latency wireless HD gaming between an Xbox 360(R) and a HDTV; wireless PC to HDTV Flat Panel connections; and the first ever UWB over coax solution capable of supporting IEEE 1394 S400 (400 Mbps) throughput for the entire home connectivity. Its wireless video connectivity application between a laptop PC and a HDTV is projected to become a major draw at the exhibition since it will be first of its kind in its segment with real-time, interactive capabilities.