Motorola unveils its smallest Bluetooth Headset

Motorola unveils its smallest Bluetooth Headset


One of the leading players in the mobile phone manufacturing, Motorola has unveiled its newest Bluetooth headset, the H5 Miniblue. The H5 Miniblue is equipped with an in-ear speaker and microphone. The H5 Miniblue from Motorola is being touted as a ground breaking product as far as Bluetooth headsets are concerned in terms of function and size.

Equipped with an in-ear speaker and microphone, the H5 Miniblue picks up the users voice through their ear canal. The innovative design from Motorola for this Headset reduces to a great extent outside noises and offers crystal clear communication even in noisy and crowded environments. The H5 Miniblue weighs just 0.26 of an ounce and measures only 33 x 41 millimeters in diameter, ensuring a snug fit in the ears.

The H5 Miniblue is the smallest ever Bluetooth headset from Motorola to date, and is equipped with a handy and portable charging base for users who want to charge the headset on the fly as well as offering protection when the headset is not in use. With its portable case the H5 Miniblue from Motorola is an elegant and stylish solution for seamless communication.

The Motorola H5 Miniblue Bluetooth Wireless Headset is expected to hits the street somewhere in the first half of 2006, but the price of the headset has not been unveiled by the company.