MobiTV goes WiFi

MobiTV goes WiFi


Palm Treo 650 users have been able to enjoy MobiTV content for a while now. Now more people will have access. MobiTV has announced the launch of WiFi service for the Palm T X handheld. The service, which will be available immediately, will allow subscribers to access content over home or office WiFi networks or at WiFi hotspots.

Functionally, the service looks and acts like the Treo 650 service already available in the U.S., U.K. and Canada, including the graphical channel guide. It offers the same channel lineup as well – ABC News Now, Bloomberg, C-SPAN, Comedy Time, ESPN 3GTV, Fashion TV, Fox News, Fox Sports, MAXX Sports, NanoTV, The Weather Channel and ToonWorld TV. More channels will be added, presumably as subscriber numbers grow.

“This launch signifies MobiTV’s foray into non-cellular network environments,” said Paul Scanlan, Co-founder and COO of MobiTV. “This is the industry’s first true video-rich, high quality mobile entertainment experience connecting the world of mobile television with broadband enabled data networks. We are redefining mobile television or television on the go by freeing subscribers from network limitations and availability.”

In addition to the WiFi announcement, MobiTV has also announced the availability of its service for Treo 600 users.