Fujifilm Blu-ray, HD DVD media coming soon

Fujifilm Blu-ray, HD DVD media coming soon


The next generation of optical storage media will begin about halfway through this year for Fujifilm as the company is set to launch Blu-ray and HD DVD media around that time. While other companies have thrown in their loyalty to one media format over the other, Fujifilm has opted to adopt both.

But that’s not to say that company is content even with the newest advances that have produced Blu-ray and HD DVD formats. The company is working on holographic storage technologies that will reportedly store multiple terabytes of data. One terabyte is enough to store sixteen days of DVD movies, or as Fujifilm puts it, “8,000 times more data than a human brain retains in a lifetime.”

Driven by the marketplace, Fujifilm strives to meet the needs for greater storage capacity of today’s gaming and multimedia applications. “Fujifilm coating technology will ensure the precision and quality of signal strength in these new media formats… our scientists are already working to perfect next-generation storage solutions, long before they hit the market,” according to Steve Solomon, Senior VP and GM of Fuji Photo Film U.S.A.’s Recording Media Division.