Destinator SP brings GPS navigation to your Symbian smartphone

Destinator SP brings GPS navigation to your Symbian smartphone


GPS-based navigation software is coming to your Symbian smartphone. Destinator Technologies, an Arizona based company, has announced the availability of Destinator SP in North America. This is the first time that the industry leading software is available in this continent.

The solution includes the software and maps of Canada and the U.S. It offers three views – 3D, top down or schematic. It offers audio prompts so it can be used as you drive and doesn’t require you to own a separate navigation device for your vehicle. The system relies on built-in GPRS in the phone or a GPS receiver, so it is unaffected by the service areas of your phone. You can plan your routes without a GPS signal.

It integrates with your phone, so that audio prompts are automatically interrupted during phone calls. Using the phone, you can also send your location to other smartphone users running Destinator SP. Along with the software, which is being launched at CES, myDestinator Traffic, which shows traffic on current routes, will be launched for 20 U.S. cities.

Destinator SP will cost $149.99. myDestinator Traffic is available for a subscription of $6.95 per month.