D-Link Wireless HD Media Server with 100GB storage

D-Link Wireless HD Media Server with 100GB storage


D-Link wants you to have a slick wireless media environment in your home. They have unveiled the Wireless HD Media Server (DSM-5210R), which will be on display this week at CES. It will allow you to easily share high definition video over a wireless network.

It has a 100GB hard drive to let you store the music, photos or high definition video you want to have on hand. If that isn’t enough it also sports a 5-in-1 media card reader for additional storage flexibility. It has plug-and-play wireless network set-up, making it easy to setup your home network and stream content wirelessly to other MediaLounge devices. It supports a wide range of audio and video formats.

The media player/ server is cased in black aluminum and is just 1.5 inches high, so it will fit in nicely with most stereos or entertainment centers. It comes with a remote control which promises not to be too difficult to comprehend. There is no word yet on what it will cost.

(image of DSM-520)