Canon Offering New Widescreen Hi-res Camcorders

Canon Offering New Widescreen Hi-res Camcorders


Canon will be showing off a handful of new camcorder models at CES, all of them not much larger than a coat pocket and all of them bursting with handy new features, including hi-res widescreen recording.

The four models have the technical model names of ZR500, ZR600, ZR700, and Elura 100. Canon more euphemistically calls each of them together “the official camcorder of life.”

Other than the stunning reductions in size and weight while still offering the same qualities that made Canon camcorders bestsellers in previous incarnations, these models also offer the exciting Widescreen High Resolution option, which allows users to translate images to widescreen televisions without a loss in quality. And with more and more widescreen TVs being seen in living rooms everywhere, the demand for more and more widescreen peripherals is growing and growing.

The new camcorders also boast the company’s longest optical zoom ever, increasing to a full 1000x in the ZR700 model. And each model comes with Smooth Zoom Control, which allows even novices to take pictures like pros. (Speaking of novices, there’s also a built-in lens cover, so nothing is left dangling to get in the way or drop off.)

Want photos? You can do that, too, as these camcorders give you 9 Point AiAF at your fingertips. Both photos and video can be transferred directly to a viewscreen or downloaded to a computer. And for those who haven’t quite caught up in the widescreen department, the camcorders will play video in letterbox format on standard-width TVs and computers.

All models work with both PCs and Macintosh computers. Prices range from $299 to $399. Colors include blue, silver, and grey.