Watch video on any iPod with iSee 360i

Watch video on any iPod with iSee 360i


So all your friends picked up a new iPod video and are watching all their favourite TV shows and music videos while riding the subway, and there you are with your now obsolete non-video iPod, only listening to music? Fret not, ATO is launching the iSee 360i, a peripheral that’ll breathe new life to your dated music player by adding video playback capabilities to 4G, mini, and nano iPods.

Acting essentially as a portable dock, the iSee 360i, you see, features a 3.6-inch 320×240 pixel LCD to watch videos to your heart’s content, though there has been no official word on what codecs will be supported. The battery life is right around 4 hours, and you can make use of the direct line-in for some straightforward video uploading.

It sounds like a great concept and a good reason for you to dust off that older music player, but at a whooping $249, I think I’ll pass. The iSee 360i will ship sometime this quarter.