Royal’s USB drive displays contents

Royal’s USB drive displays contents


Nearly everyone has at least one USB Flash drive these days, but one of the most common concerns mobile professionals have is whether or not they are carrying the right one. With so many files, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what is stored on what storage device. It is with that in mind that Royal Consumer Information Products developed a USB 2.0 Flash drive that includes a two-line scrolling display (patent pending) that allows users to see exactly what they’re carrying around with them, including the names of the directories and subdirectories.

Sure, most MP3 players these days can double as Flash drives and they already have a display ready to go, but with so many sporting 20GB or more iPods these days, a large number of people have no need for a 512MB MP3 player, for example.

Look for 128MB ($49.99), 256MB ($69.99), 512MB ($99.99) and 1GB ($149.99) versions of Royal’s EZVue Vista drives, as well as an SD card reader/writer ($29.99) that features the same scrolling two-line display.