Recording HDTV and Much More

Recording HDTV and Much More


A new entry into the crowded DVB-TV Tuner market is the MEGA SKY 580, from MSI. This one, like many others, allows viewers to receive, display, or record live digital TV.

The slim-and-trim device follows DVB protocol and interfaces with electronic devices via USB 2.0 technology. The result is the opportunity to watch HDTV on a standard desktop or laptop computer.

You want to record digital signals? The MEGA SKY 580 can do that, too, offering recording capability of both television and radio. You can even get digital Teletext. The device also allows you to schedule recordings to your own specifications.

But that’s not all. Other features give you the ability to transfer digital images into still-frame formats and to use video you have recorded as a motion desktop background.

It all adds up to a small yet powerful device to further blur the lines between live and recorded TV.