Project-a-Phone lets you share the images on your phone

Project-a-Phone lets you share the images on your phone


If you have ever tried to show a group of friends or co-workers what is on the screen of your phone or BlackBerry you know how hard that can be. Project-a-Phone Inc., a Massachusetts company, has a solution for you which they creatively call Project-a-Phone. It is a portable system that projects your phone screen onto your PC. That means you can use the images on your phone for presentations, demonstrations, trade fairs or whatever else you can imagine.

The solution holds the phone firmly in place and delivers a video image to the screen. That allows you to show the images on your PC, project them to a screen or put them onto the web. You can show live images, or you can use Project-a-Phone to record demonstrations or to take screen shots. It records both audio and video. You can even show multiple screens simultaneously.

The system is flexible, meaning it can hold any type of phone or device as long as the screen is smaller than 12cm x 8cm. It can show resolutions up to 800×600 and delivers 30 frames per second. When packed up it weighs just 1.2 pounds and fits into a 10”x 9”x 2” case, making it very portable. It requires a single USB connection. You can have your own Project-a-Phone system for $199.