PowerToGo lets you take your desktop with you

PowerToGo lets you take your desktop with you


If you long for something familiar when you are using a computer that isn’t your own, Lexar Media has a solution. They will be incorporating PowerToGo into their line of JumpDrive products. PowerToGo lets you store your personal PC settings on your Flash drive and access them on any Windows-based PC.

PowerToGo allows you to access your browser favorites, personal profiles, surfing preferences and instant messenger information on any computer. That means any computer at home, the office, a friend’s place or an internet café can feel like your own without requiring you to change the settings. PowerToGo also provides privacy and security. When you properly remove your JumpDrive no trace of your files or surfing are left behind on the computer.

PowerToGo is being developed on an open standard. It will be available on most JumpDrives starting in the spring. It will also be available for download for existing customers. PowerToGo will be available for you to have a look at at CES.