Panasonic and Skype team up to develop Internet calling products

Panasonic and Skype team up to develop Internet calling products


Nobody wants to be left out on the Internet calling game. Panasonic Communications and Skype are partnering to co-develop Panasonic Internet calling products. One of the first products to be brought to market is a Skype compatible cordless telephone device that allows select Panasonic cordless telephones to communicate directly with Skype. This indicates that users can now make and receive Skype and traditional landline calls via the Panasonic cordless telephone.

Other products in development are Skype compatible devices that will provide direct access to Skype offerings such as SkypeOut, SkypeIn and Skype Voicemail. The idea is to enable users to use their cordless phones wherever they are in their homes and be able to receive calls regardless of the source (i.e., from Skype or a landline phone). So as not to confuse users, the Panasonic cordless telephones will be able to recognize and switch between Skype and local landline calls.

“This alliance with Panasonic marks another milestone in the growing ecosystem of Skype compatible products… Our collaboration with major consumer electronics brands like Panasonic enables the expansion of Skype services beyond the desktop, and helps us to meet the needs of our growing consumer base”, according to Skype VP of Business Development James Bilefield.

Skype is currently the leader when it comes to Internet communications. Its latest version has a simpler interface for ease-of-use and incorporates video features.