Nintendo DS nets 10 million portable video game enthusiasts worldwide

Nintendo DS nets 10 million portable video game enthusiasts worldwide


In Nintendo DS portable video game, Japan-based Nintendo Co. seems to have found a winner. According to an official version from the company, Nintendo DS portable video game player have hit the sales figure of a staggering 10 million units. That too within a short span of a little over one year since its launch in December, 2004. The icing on the cake is: it has found 4 million buyers in the United States which is world’s largest portable video game market.

Going by the company’s account, Nintendo DS has also notched the distinction of becoming the fastest-selling video game machine in Japan where more than 5 million buyers have lapped to it. Some of the hit games which have made the double-screened Nintendo DS a favorite with portable game enthusiasts are “Nintendogs,” “Mario Kart DS” and “Super Mario 64 DS.”

Commenting on the 10 million sales achievement, Perrin Kaplan, Vice President (Marketing), of Nintendo’s American unit recently told a news agency, “It is on the upswing of its life cycle.” She, however, declined to issue any sales forecast which industry observers are eagerly waiting for since Nintendo DS still needs to make serious inroads in markets other than Japan and the US.

Meanwhile, Nintendo’s recently launched Wi-Fi Connection wireless gaming service is also adding to the popularity of Nintendo DS as the service presently boasts of nearly 550,000 visitors on a global basis. In terms of specific implication for the US market, Nintendo DS’ popularity seems to have given a boost to video game industry which hasn’t done too well in the recent years.