Motorola unveils ROKR E2

Motorola unveils ROKR E2


Motorola has released the sequel to their ROKR E1 with the new ROKR E2, but this time without any iTunes software.

Some people were less then happy with the limited amount of songs (arbitrary limit of 100 songs) you could play with the iTunes software and the coding was limited to AAC format.

So far Motorola has stated that the phone will support Mp3’s with a hot-swappable SD expansion slot, and that it will have a built in FM radio with 30 presets and accomodate a real 3.5mm headset jack.

The display will be 262k color TFT QVGA (240×320) resolution and it will also sport a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash and video capture.

The ROKR E2 will also come equiped with a USB 2.0 connection making it lightyears faster than the dismal USB 1.1 found on the now “old-and-busted” E1.

Motorola has not posted any other specs on their website as of yet, but hopefully as CES draws to a close we will be able to get more information.