Motorola to launch iRadio music service

Motorola to launch iRadio music service


Motorola is gearing up to take on satellite radio channel providers as it announces its plans to launch the iRadio music service. A public demo of iRadio will be conducted during the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show.

iRadio will initially be featured on the Rokr E2 cell phone, which, in contrast to the first Rokr music phone, will NOT feature Apple’s iTunes music application. Motorola plans to provide iRadio and the Rokr E2 mobile phone through mobile operators. So just how much music can the Rokr E2 cell phone hold? According to Motorola, it can store up to about 70 hours of music.

iRadio offers subscribers 435 commercial-free radio channels, including themes or genres from Hard Rock & Metal to Comedy. iRadio will set you back about US $7 monthly. However, note that the price may vary slightly depending on your mobile phone carrier (Motorola is yet to reveal its mobile operator partners for the iRadio service).

iRadio enables subscribers to download channels on their PCs and to transfer them to their mobile phones, home stereos, or cars (yep, just like satellite radio). But just to take it a bit further, subscribers can also use iRadio to place their own music playlists on their mobile phone.