Logitech wireless stereo headsets HS 200 and HS 210 for mobile phones

Logitech wireless stereo headsets HS 200 and HS 210 for mobile phones


Logitech has made it known that it will be launching two new mobile stereo headsets – the HS 200 and HS 210 – during the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show. The new wireless head gear will enable users to both listen to their favorite audio files and make or receive phone calls on their music mobile phones. Indeed, with just a simple push of a button, HS 200 and HS 210 headset users can easily switch from listening to their favorite beat to actively participating in a business call.

We reviewed a similar product not long ago.

Logitech states that it has specifically designed the new wireless headsets for next-gen music mobile phones that offer Bluetooth options with the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), which is fast becoming the standard for high-quality wireless stereo sound.

Apart from the mobility that the HS 200 and HS 210 models bring, these new mobile headsets also come with Logitech’s WindStop technology (the patent for which is currently pending). What does this mean for users? With Logitech WindStop, you can make and receive calls even in the most windy conditions as the microphones are encased in a sintered plastic material that functions as a ‘fence’ against disruptive air currents. Don’t worry though, voice signals penetrate easily and so you can expect to have clear conversations even in the windiest environments.

The new Logitech mobile headgear also come in two different behind-the-head design, with the HS 210 model sporting square-shaped earpieces (with a mic embedded in the right earpiece), while the HS 200 model features round earpieces (with a microphone mini-boom that protrudes a bit from the right earpiece).

The new Logitech wireless headsets are expected to come out in Spring as an accessory to select music cell phones for about US $129.99 each.