Lexar to Showcase Super New Flash Memory Cards

Lexar to Showcase Super New Flash Memory Cards


Lexar, an industry leader in digital technology, plans to show off a pair of new flash memory cards at the CES this weekend in Las Vegas. The Platinum II offerings are an enhanced version of the already successful Platinum series, providing hot-and-heavy new features like rapid-fire shooting and full-motion video.

There are actually two memory cards. The CompactFlash shoots at 80X, which of a write speed of 12MB a second. The Secure Digital has a shooting speed of 60X, with a write speed of 9MB a second. Both will be on full display, and both join an ever-growing stable of tech advancements aimed at making digital capture and transfer as quick and as vivid as possible.

Jim Gustke, vice president and general manager of memory cards at Lexar, said the products were a step forward in meeting consumer confidence levels.

“With Platinum II, consumers can confidently choose from a practical line of memory cards that will allow them to take advantage of the advanced features in their digital camera,” Gustke said.

The bells-and-whistles rollout is at the CES, but you can actually buy these Platinum II flash memory cards now, at consumer electronics stores and photo shops, or even online.