Is the iPod Shuffle approaching extinction?

Is the iPod Shuffle approaching extinction?


For the legions of users who worship their iPod shuffles, there is some bad news if going by Apple fanzines who are indicating that Apple may sooner or later dump or replace its iPod shuffle.

As of late it has become next to impossible to lay a hand on the coveted 1GB iPod shuffle through the Apple’s own Web store, or even at some other major stores such as, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Circuit City.

According to a fansite, the apple iPod 1GB shuffle has been out of stock since mid-December, further, a survey of 12 randomly chosen stores found that 7 of them don’t have the 1GB shuffle in stock and have no clue as to when they will get their next supply. This is in contrast to the iPod Nano which was in short supply during the run up to Christmas, but is now available in plenty.

According to Apple watchers, the dwindling inventory of 1GB iPod shuffle is indicative that Apple will replace the product. This theory is primarily based on what Apple did when it launched its flash-based iPod nano cutting its iPod minis.

Any announcement on the future of iPod 1GB shuffle is most likely to be revealed at Mac World in January when Apple CEO Steve Jobs will present his annual statement.