InFocus Sets the Ultimate Stage to Play Big

InFocus Sets the Ultimate Stage to Play Big


Why should you have to pay hundreds of dollars to get the best seats at concerts or sporting events when you can seem them up close in your own home?

InFocus is making this possible. InFocus, an industry pioneer and worldwide leader in the projection market today, is releasing its Play Big Line.

The new InFocus Play Big IN72, IN74EX and IN76 fills the wall, or a screen, with bright, vivid and crisp images, capturing every detail of a movie, sporting event, video game or other big picture viewing event.

All available in first quarter of 2006, InFocus is including some of the latest technology from Texas Insturments, the enhanced definition DLP(Digital Light Processing) chip. Their video imaging is being enhanced with PixelWorks DNX video processing for awesome contrasting, brightness and just overall big screen goodness.

Not only can you easily mount these in your home theatre, you aren’t going to have a problem connecting them to your DVD players, satellite receivers, high-definition broadcast receivers, TVs, computers, and major video game consoles. And with an integrated cable cover to hide those unwanted wires, you are not going to have a messy room.

The IN72 is the most affordable for those starting a home theatre at $1,299. It has a 480p resolution projector that can make game playing a blast.

The IN74EX features native 576p resolution, which provides a nice balance between DVD resolution and HDTV. The IN74EX is available exclusively through authorized custom home theater dealers.

And lastly, The IN76 is a performance-rich 720p native HD front projector that is going to bring a sweet picture to any theatre nut.