Hi-def Sanyo VPC-HD1 camcorder for $800

Hi-def Sanyo VPC-HD1 camcorder for $800


It was only a matter of time before high definition became the standard in the camcorder market. Sanyo has unveiled its new VPC-HD1, which records 720 lines progressive scan video (720p) at 30 frames a second, storing it all onto an Secure Digital (SD) card. This is said to the first camcorder to combine these functions.

The 8.3 ounce video camera (including the battery) sports a 5.36 gross megapixel CCD, capturing still photographs at 5.1 megapixels. You can feel assured that the VP-HD1 will feature USB 2.0 connectivity and Sanyo’s image stabilization system. Get up close and personal with the 10x optical zoom. Check out what you managed to film on the 2.2-inch 210,000 pixel LCD screen before transferring it over to a DVD via your PC. The VPC-HD1 utilizes “real-time MPEG-4 compression, noise reduction and high-definition processing,” according to the company website. Moreover, look for some decent control options, including shutter speed, white balance, focus and aperture.

Look for Sanyo’s new hi-def video-cam in March with an amazing price tag of around $800, about half the price of next lowest priced HD camcorder on the market