Garmin’s Palm-powered iQue 3000 GPS

Garmin’s Palm-powered iQue 3000 GPS


Whereas most other companies are working toward developing products with more and more functions, Garmin is taking a bit of a backwards step with the announcement of the iQue 3000 portable GPS unit. What sets this handheld apart, however, is that it will be running off of the Palm OS, rather than Windows Mobile. In this way, the GPS functions are integrated with all the usual Palm applications you’ve grown accustomed to over the years. For example, look up your best friend in your address book, and the GPS side of things will find the fastest and easiest route to get to his house.

The 5.2 ounce iQue 3000 is the entry-level version of other handhelds in Garmin’s existing iQue product line (the 3200 and 3600). As such, the specifications are a little underwhelming with a 200 MHz processor, 320 x 320 pixel LCD, 32 MB of RAM, and a microSD expansion slot. If you’re looking for wireless connectivity, the iQue 3000 might not be for you—there is no built-in WiFi or Bluetooth here. But, the standard installation DVD will come with a large number of detailed street maps provided by NAVTEQ.

The iQue 3000 will retail for $426.65.